About the Farm

Ahswanee Farm is no longer in operation; however, this site is maintained as one way to stay in touch with the community. The small farm was located in Forest Hill, MD and dedicated to providing nutritious vegetables to nearby consumers who appreciate fresh, organically grown, local, unpretentious produce and like to cook or eat a variety of veggies and possibly try a few they’ve never had before. The goal of the farm was to encourage people to reconnect with where their food really comes from. I still uphold this as a personal goal in my current path to become a Registered Dietitian. I’m working to connect more people with earth-loving, food-loving farmers. If you need help finding a farmer for your family, just reach out! If you need a nutrition expert to give a talk supporting environmental and human health to your work, church, or other community group, I would be happy to help!

romaine lettuce